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Planning for the Future

Here at Guthrie & Harrison, we can create a Will to correctly state your desires and intentions regarding the disposition of your property. A simple Will can be done easily, quickly, and quite reasonably.

Many people want a "Living Will" or a "Living Trust". A better name for these is a "Revocable Trust". A Revocable Trust transfers your assets to yourself as a Trustee and sets up a plan to continue administration of those assets if something happens to you while still alive, and then distributes those assets as you direct after you are gone. A Revocable Trust does away with the need for a probate in most cases.

We can tailor a Revocable Trust to set forth your detailed intentions regarding your assets and help you transfer those assets. There are myriad other documents that we also prepare that go in a packet with the Revocable Trust. The entire package for a Revocable Trust is a one-time payment no matter how much time we spend with you creating the documents. We ensure that you are happy with the documents as you will review them at your leisure before signing.

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